About Us

Gregg Pasternack started his internet marketing career in 2000. He was the Online Sales Manager for a major internet hardware distributor, selling millions of dollars of products in a wide range of different markets.

Gregg also marketed a wide range of products from health and nutrition products to cosmetics to pet care products, among other industries from 2005 until the present.

For the last 9 years, Mr. Pasternack has been experimenting and making money form Internet marketing channels such as SEO, PPC marketing, and article marketing.

Skynack Marketing and Consulting was started so Gregg would be able to help small and mid-sized businesses get more targeted traffic to their websites.

Mr. Pasternack splits his time evenly between Chicago and New York. Skynack Marketing and Consulting has offices in both Chicago and New York. The company has a virtual team located throughout the world with expertise in web design, marketing, pay per click campaign management, search engine optimization, and graphic design.